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Here at Bush 2 City we understand that the safari market can be saturated and that many companies need to highlight the facts that help them to stand out from the competition. Take a look at these reasons to choose B2C to plan your perfect African adventure…


Unlike many luxury safari companies, we are actually on the ground here in Tanzania. We were born and raised in the shadow of Kilimanjaro. We spent our childhoods trekking the plains, climbing the slopes, witnessing the wonders and dangers of wildlife, watching the flora bloom and shrivel, and conversing with the local Maasai tribes. Tanzania is our backyard; Africa is our neighborhood. We know every nook and cranny which means that we have the real time knowledge and expertise to show you the many jewels of the world’s first continent.


Bush 2 City has a combined experience of climbing Kilimanjaro a thousand times, and can boast over two decades in the business. Over this time, we have welcomed clients from every corner of the globe. We have helped honeymooners make magical memories, played with families out in the wild, and even walked alongside solo travelers to the sparkling summit of the mountain. We have witnessed trials and tribulations and celebrated many successes. This range of experience means that we have learnt along the way and are here to pass our experience on.


Because we have lived and worked in Tanzania for our whole lives this means that our little black book is stuffed with contacts. We believe strongly in sustainable and ethical travel choices and we always strive to support the best local businesses. All our partnerships are hand selected; from guides who will follow your footsteps up the mountain, to gorgeous safari camps, farm producers who will provide the bright colored fruits for breakfast, and hot air balloons that will show you the pink tinged sunrise over the plains – we take the time to form the highest quality partnerships for your safari pleasure.


At Bush 2 City we pride ourselves in curating tailor made adventures to ignite your imagination. We are wonderful creatures and we all have different dreams. We aim to create experiences that match your passions and evoke pure pleasure from your heart. Cultural travelers may wish to spend time with the local tribes, keen photographers will want to capture rare and colorful birds flooding the skies come dawn, adrenaline junkies will want to hike Kilimanjaro, canoe down the rivers, and hunt with the Maasai. We are in the business of making dreams come true, in fulfilling promises, and delivering authentic hand crafted experiences.