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Safari Vehicles
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Carefully Selected Vehicles

While on safari with Bush 2 Adventure we make it our highest priority to ensure you feel secure and comfortable. With many years of combined experience, we understand exactly what is required to create an environment for you to feel immersed, yet protected while traveling in the wild. Along with our expert guides, our extensive fleet of Land Cruisers and Land Rovers are well equipped to provide you with the perfect safari adventure you deserve.

Immersive Experience

Our vehicles are customized for each individual to make the most of their unforgettable experience. Not only there had to provide shade from the sometimes blistering heat, have our custom pop-up roofs provided 360-degree viewing. Combined with the specially designed seat configuration, which provides a window seat for every passenger, as well as unfettered access to the photographic hatch, you can rest assured we have taken every measure to ensure no glimpse of a majestic lion, sly croc, whistling bird or bumbling hipo is missed.
In addition to the incredible wildlife views, we want to ensure every passenger can hear their expert guide. Their knowledge of the local culture, in-depth animal trivia and passion for the wild is guaranteed to intensify the wonder of your safari experience, so we fit PA systems to guarantee clarity for everyone.

Unrivalled Safety

Every vehicle in our fleet has extensive safety equipment: seat belts fitted for children and adults; radios and cell phones to ensure 24-hour contact with national park HQ and the Bush 2 City team; and comprehensive first aid kits and fire safety gear. Although the latter is extremely rarely used, your safety is of paramount importance. That’s why vehicles are also checked over prior to every safari by our expert mechanical staff.
The nature of safari takes us upon the road less traveled, so occasionally problems do arise. However, we promise that any bumps in your experience will be smoothed swiftly and effectively due to our well-considered contingency plans.

Extra Comfort

Enabling you to feel safely cocooned in your vehicle whilst experiencing the joys of nature is our main aim with our custom safari fleet. Of course, your comfort is another hugely important factor. The locations we travel through can be hot and dusty, and journeys can be long. This is why we fitted our vehicles with battery-powered fridges for your refreshments and drinks, secondary dust proofing in addition to the standard, binoculars to catch a glimpse of those more timid animals, and 12V plugs for your electricals.
With plentiful cold water to quench your thirst and no need to worry about running out of battery, all you need to worry about is getting the photos you want to commemorate your trip of a lifetime.






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