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Responsible Travel
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How travelling with us makes a difference – responsible travel

We believe the world in which we inhabit deserves our respect. The people, cultures and environments in which we are blessed to live to provide us with endless wonder, and the foundation on which we able to run Bush 2 City. We adore our world – the fast flowing rivers, the velvet folds of the mountains, the first wobbly steps of a baby buffalo, and the piercing sunsets that flood our sky.
We aim to maintain integrity and sustainability in every location, on every trip and instilled in every staff member, by demonstrating responsible travel while we share the incredible experiences and passion for our world with our travelers.
We would love to hear from you with any feedback on our approach at info@bush2cityadventure.com

Our environment

Our environmental commitments

Our company goals are built to ensure that we alleviate any pressure on the environments we visit, and to preserve the natural habitats to be enjoyed by future generations. We are committed to using the National Park and Game Reserve in a fair and respectful manner, and never causing unnecessary damage or leaving behind any trace of external influence. We want our parks and reserves to remain pristine for the wealth of wildlife living there.

Our Trip

Over 100 of our safari trips are carbon offset (and counting). By measuring the transport, waste and accommodation emissions we are able to counteract any damage to our planet.
The remainder of our trips are carefully constructed as very low in environmental impact. Committed to our promise of immersive experience and respecting our surroundings, we plan our trips using locally owned services, eating local homegrown and organic food. This enables us to give back to our communities whilst simultaneously lowering emissions, by cutting out long supply chains.
Although sometimes impossible, we use public transport as much as we can. Not only does this contribute to a more authentic experience, it reduces fuel consumption per traveler and staff member.
Our water consumption is carefully monitored. Travelers are actively encouraged to fill water bottles and avoid any unnecessary purchases of bottled water. We are also actively involved with initiatives encouraging careful use of water and energy.
At Bush 2 City Adventure we advise all of our travelers on how to reduce the waste they create, by encouraging recycling. We leave no trace of our visits by educating them on how and where to dispose of waste effectively.

Economic Responsibility

Our economic commitment

Operating in poor and poverty-stricken parts of the world brings economic responsibility to the shoulders of any company. This is sometimes shirked, but at Bush 2 City Adventure we have committed to making sure our economic growth is beneficial to staff, local communities, and local suppliers.
The tourism that we attract empowers local communities to improve the facilities, not only for tourists but for themselves too. The economic stimulation helps improve sanitation, health, education and much more.

How are we doing this?

Our trips are designed to ensure that we support local communities by:
a. Hiring local guides and staff where Bush 2 City Adventure operate safari tour and trekking, therefore contributing directly to local employment and ensuring competitive local remuneration.
b. Using locally owned ground transportation and accommodation.
c. Recommending local eateries and stores to our passengers.
b. Incorporating local public transport into our trips where possible.
d. Investing in renewable energy projects which support the local economy through temporary and permanent employment, as well as contributing to the communities’ infrastructure.
e. Creating procurement policies.