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Jackson Solomon

Born beneath the shadow of the mighty Mount Kilimanjaro, Jackson Solomon grew up in Moshi, a place where coffee blooms on every branch and the gateway to the majestic mountain. Fascinated by his country and the throngs of visitors passing through, Jackson worked to further his education and to gain a degree in tourist management. His commitment and love of travel shone through every step, he funded every last bit of his own education by working as a potter on Mount Kilimanjaro in between studies. It was here on the rising slopes of his childhood mountain that he realized his dream and opened his own company.
At 27 years old, Jackson has a passion to help others make their dreams come true. Known locally as the adventure master, this is a man who doesn’t just sit behind a desk, but a man who throws himself into the art of travel. He believes that trying new things is the key to gaining a higher perspective when it comes to experiencing what the world has to offer. From hard treks to the Ngorongoro crater to wild camping in the highlands with local tribes – these are the rewarding moments that Jackson wants to share.
Jackson built his company on pure unadulterated passion and commitment. Every company can hang clichés out to dry when speaking of dedication and customer satisfaction, but for Jackson these are more than empty words -these are beliefs etched in the core of his heart.
Making clients happy is not always enough when you want to offer life changing experiences that people will carry with them until the end of their days. For Jackson, a safari experience is about more than seeing elephants in the wild. It’s about beautifully honed moments – from sipping wine on warm nights watching constellations fall, to witnessing millions of thundering hooves in the Great Migration, seeing a baby zebra take its first steps, connecting with the local Maasai people, and plunging into the sights, sounds and colors of Tanzanian culture. These are trips that go beyond the grade.
Jackson believes that true connections come with a two-way exchange, and this is something that marks Bush 2 City out when it comes to the competition. For a truly enriching African experience, the locals will share their culture with visitors, but they will also want to learn. Beautiful bonds bloom when cultures collide, moments are shared, and beliefs are exchanged. For those who travel with Bush 2 City you aren’t solely an observer, you are part of this place.
Now, Jackson employees over a hundred local people for Bush 2 City, but the emphasis is on family and community. From the porters carrying bags to personal guides, and those who do sit behind the computer – a shared love for showing people Tanzania, and creating strong ties – this is the essence of being part of a life changing experience.
‘Tanzania is the real Africa’ says Jackson, and Bush 2 City scratches beneath the surface, to show you the colors of her heart.


Wilson Charles Kibasa was born and raised in Tanzania. His passion on wildlife started at very young age, due to the fact that he spent most of his childhood from different National Parks in Tanzania, such as Tarangire, Manyara, Arusha, Serengeti and Ruaha National Park, as his parents used to work with Tanzania National Park, This caused him to grew up love to be surrounded by wildlife and being close to nature. This fuels his passion and ambition of becoming nature conservator.
After he completed his Secondary level of education 2005,Wilson joined College of African Wildlife Management (MWEKA) to pursue his two years diploma in Wildlife Management.
In 2007, after graduating from the College with a Diploma in Wildlife Management, Wilson joined Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) where he worked with Tarangire Elephant Project for a period of one year until the end of 2008, as research field assistance assigned to Tarangire National Park.
He waslatermoved tojoin Tanzania Carnivore Project under Tanzania Wildlife Research Institute (TAWIRI) 2009, where he worked as one of the field team assigned to collect data, based on animal distribution and relative abundance across protected areas within Tanzania.
After working with the project for one and half year, hesoon after, left the Carnivore Project Centre at the mid of 2010 and later in the same year he managed to join Sokoine University of Agriculture to pursue a Degree in Tourism Management.
While at the University in 2012, Wilson met up with Jackson Solomonhis friend and classmateand manages to share some ideas of establishing a tour company after graduating from the University, which through hard work and patience for some time, Bush 2 City Adventure was formulated. Thankfully, the company has been growing since then, even after graduating from the University, both of themwithDegree in Tourism Management.