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Certificate & Awards

Your safety is our priority.

We carry a current TALA License, covering all guests with public liability insurance (AON). All of our specialist vehicles are comprehensively insured. Contingency and evacuation plans are in place in order to ensure everyone’s safety in any emergency.
The Tourism Agent License (TALA) is issued by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism of Tanzania and is only granted to companies that meet the strict operating requirements set out in the Tourism Act. The Act outlines safety requirements whilst on safari, professional conduct of the company and its staff in the treatment of tourists, and enforces the rules and regulations of operations in National Parks to safeguard a minimum impact on the environment. Companies that fail to qualify for a TALA license cannot legally carry tourists, making all insurances carried by the company and its travelers “Null and Void”.

Vehicle Safety

Every vehicle in our fleet has extensive safety equipment: seat belts fitted for children and adults; radios and cellphones to ensure 24-hour contact with national park HQ and the Bush 2 City team; and comprehensive first aid kits and fire safety gear. Although the latter is extremely rarely used, your safety is of paramount importance. That’s why vehicles are also checked over prior to every safari by our expert mechanical staff.
The nature of safari takes us upon the road less travelled, so occasionally problems do arise. However, we promise that any bumps in your experience will be smoothed swiftly and effectively due to our well-considered contingency plans.

First Aid & Medical Kit For Safari and Mount Climb

Every staff member is extensively trained in first aid and local disease diagnosis. It is very important to heed their advice while on a Bush 2 City Adventure, as they are familiar with local hazards.
We highly recommend you pack a comprehensive medical and first aid kit when you travel to Africa. Medical facilities can be sparsely located when travelling on safari, trek or climb.
Note: Up to date vaccinations are required before travelling to Africa.

First Aid and Medical Kit Packing List

Anti-diarrheal Medication
Painkillers and anti-inflammatories: Advil, aspirin, and Tylenol
Antihistamines: for allergic reactions
Antibacterial ointment/powder: Bactroban& antibiotic powder
Bandages, band aids, gauze and gauze rolls with adhesive tape
Scissors, safety pins and tweezers
Insect Repellent with DEET
Sun Block
Oral Rehydration Salts
Iodine Tablets: Bottled water
Syringes and Sterile Needles
Antiseptic Hand Wipes

Travelers Medical Insurance

Although incidents and illnesses are rare whilst travelling with Bush 2 City Adventures, we still highly recommend taking our travel insurance before you embark on a trip to Africa. In the unfortunate instance something should happen, medical bills can be very high. Even with insurance it is likely you will need to pay upfront and claim reimbursement, so setting money or keeping a credit card aside for this is advised.

Note: Although it will be an unfamiliar place, facilities and practitioner, it is very important that you heed all advice given by local doctors. Travelling while sick can break quarantine laws and local doctors will have more expertise in African diseases than your normal practitioner.