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Luxury Safari
Luxury Safari
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Luxury Safari


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Luxury Safari
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Luxury East African Safari Specialist

Luxury African Safari Tours

Imagine the first time you hear a lion roar in the dark of night, the first time you witness a thousand hooves galloping across the golden Savanah, the first time you see the Maasai hunt, the first hot air balloon ride over the patchwork plains, and the first time to glimpse sight of the snow-clad spirit of Mount Kilimanjaro.

An African safari is full of firsts, and with Bush 2 City we can show you the splendor of this rare and unbridled world.

We live and breathe Tanzania because we are part of Tanzania, this is our home and we want to invite you in. From romantic beach breaks on the spice-laden shores of Zanzibar to witnessing nature’s great events, camel riding through ancient tribal villages, and camping beneath a blanket of stars in the Great Rift Valley – we don’t just plan safaris; we curate journeys brimming with one of a kind experience.

Whatever your whim or pleasure, we will take the time to listen and plan your perfect journey. We specialize in the art of luxury Tanzania tours. For us, luxury isn’t just about the number of stars above your name but is about breathtaking sights, rare and authentic experiences, fine local cuisine, cultural interactions, and beautiful spaces to rest your head at the end of the day. True luxury comes from making memories that you will savor forevermore.

Your connection to Africa starts here…


Bird Watching Safari

Southern Luxury Birding – 14 Days

Luxury African Safari

Enjoy calls the sound of good rhythms on a Luxury East African Safari to southern Tanzania Bird watching, staying at a 5-star camp or safari lodges, enjoy exclusive and superior bird watching with the best guide in the industry. Enjoying the wonderful scenery of endemic bird’s family and species.

Camel Riding Safari

Oldonyo Lengai : 5 Days

Luxury East African Safari

An incredible five-day camel back riding across the Luxury East African Safari to Savannah encircled by wildlife and outstanding scenery. Ride around and led by a Maasai guide into an active volcanic mountain of Ol Doinyo Lengai opportunity to see the heard of Zebras, Wildebeests and giraffes.

Camping Safari

Manyara and Ngorongoro – 3 days

Luxury African Safari

Luxury East African Safari to Lake Manyara & Ngorongoro Crater camping safari will get you closer to the African wildlife. Experience in private luxury camping in the individual private campsite. A spectacular panoramic view and the Big 5 wildlife below for the lifetime wildlife and safari experience.

Luxury Family Safari

Family Safari “all Ages” : 8 Days

Luxury African Safari

Today’s Parent are far-sighted the worth and value of family adequate time away from the tricking of Technology bursting levees. Bush 2 City Adventure Luxury East African Safari provides the ideal platform for the family to bond and share once in a lifetime Africa experience.

Luxury African Honeymoons

Classic Honeymoon Safari : 11 Days

Luxury African Safari

A honeymoon in Luxury East African Safari means you will spend your time in a place which is thrilling and unique while being private and uncrowded. Combining romantic beach hideaways with the raw thrills of a safari in Tanzania will provide you and your partner with a life time memories.

Zanzibar Beach Vacation

Luxury Beach Break Zanzibar : 6 Days

Luxury African Safari

There is no better formula than a combining of the thrilling Luxury East African Safari out in the untamed African bush and time out relaxing on the white sand beaches of Zanzibar. Most people do the safari portion first as its nice to chill and sleep late after being on safari where you need to be up at down



Video of the week

Remarkable things happen on safari almost every day. Thanks to technology, our contacts on the ground and our guests, we get sent video footage of the weird and wonderful things that happen in a-day-in-the-life of the animals and people out there.